I enjoy a variety of pursuits, including writing, teaching, discussing ideas over a good bourbon and my smoking pipe.  I soak in as much outside air as I can once the average temperature goes below 85º.   I love winter and despise the summer.

My favorite sport is Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.  It is a perfect blend of art, technical movement, and force.  I will train BJJ until I am on my deathbed, at which point I hope to have improved beyond my blue belt.

my goal as a writer

My goal is constant movement and improvement.  I move on to the next idea too quickly, so I’m focused right now on developing things more deeply instead of giving up and moving on.

dream things:

  • I am always developing an idea for a book.  One of these ideas will come to fruition eventually and I will then place my name among those who have become published authors and watched their precious ideas be launched into obscurity.
  • I would love to live almost anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

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