I enjoy a variety of pursuits, including writing, teaching, discussing ideas over a good cigar and port, and soaking in as much outside air as I can.

under the surface

I’m an INTP (Myers-Briggs) and a 5 on the Enneagram.

  • At my best, I’m mentally alert and curious, noticing the world around me with intense awareness
  • At my worst, I’m avoidant and detached
  • I like solitude
  • I tend to be a rule breaker
  • I’m curious about the dark side of life, occasionally dabbling in nihilism
  • I’m trying not to be so damn skeptical
  • My basic desire is to be capable and competent
  • If I seem spaced out, I’m probably preoccupied with my thoughts and imaginary constructs.
  • I am eccentric, but try to maintain a veneer of normalcy (I’m not good at that).
  • I like eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • My favorite sport is Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.  It is a perfect blend of art, technical movement, and force.  I will train BJJ until I am on my deathbed, at which point I hope to have improved beyond my white belt.  🙂

my goal as a writer

My goal is constant movement and improvement.  I move on to the next idea too quickly, so I’m focused right now on developing things more deeply instead of giving up and moving on.

dream things:

  • I am developing an idea for a book that examines how theology and psychology are both very personal, relevant, and complementary.
  • Would love to teach Bible or theology in a formal setting of some kind.
  • I am currently writing a fiction book, which I started as part of National Novel Writing Month in 2013.  It sucks, but that means there is plenty of room for development.
  • Would love to live almost anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

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