2 responses to “Dreaded Hope

  1. I believe we think change is an easy out. So many times, people are praised for being “loyal” and sticking with something. And that is good. Being faithful in marriage, for example, is extraordinarily praiseworthy.

    But change is praiseworthy, too. Transformation, adaptation, a willingness to move. Those have great and lasting value as well.

    We need wind and mountains.

  2. on the other hand, i think some people may find change difficult, riveting, disconcerting. perhaps, for some, leaving the comfort of routine for the unknown can be paralyzing, draining, dis-stabilizing. perhaps it boils down to a question of faith?

    i offer these lyrics from that guy who blew up the clinic real good:

    “Nothing is colder than the winds of change
    where the chill numbs the dreamer till a shadow remains.
    Among the ruins lies your tortured soul
    was it lost there, or did your will surrender control?
    Shivering with doubts that were left unattended, so you toss away the cloak that you should have mended.
    Don’t you know by now why the chosen are few? It’s harder to believe than not to;
    harder to believe than not to.”

    -Steve Taylor,
    “Harder to Believe Than Not To”
    from, I Predict 1990

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