using tragedy for political gain

It is sad to see Senators like Barack Obama of Illinois, and Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu use the devastation in the city of New Orleans for political gain. Obama’s comment that Bush “seemed to lack empathy for those stranded by the hurricane” is a cheap shot that resonates with political point-scoring.

Is this the time for speeches that criticize the President’s response? What good does that do us at this point? I do agree that the government responded poorly, but it seems to me that the only reason they have chosen to speak out is that they believe it will result in the most political gain. Other than that I can see no purpose for it at this time. One might say that they are “striking while the iron is hot”, using the emotions that surround such a catastrophe to fuel political advancement, instead of helping Americans channel their emotion into swift action to help those who have been displaced and wounded by the flooding. This is just reason #284 to hate politics.

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